Rehearsal Rate: $16/hr
Day Rate (Monday-Sunday, 9pm-5pm): $250
School Night Rate* (Sunday-Thursday, 5pm-12am): $250
Weekend Rate** (Friday/Saturday, 5pm-2am, with Grand Canyon providing bar): $500
Weekend Rate, no bar/provide your own bar (Friday/Saturday, 5pm-2am): $800
Tech Week Rate (24/hr access): $1800
Weekly Rate (5pm-1am): $1200
Monthly Rate (24/hr access: $5000

*School Nights : you must supply your own bar. Strict noise curfew of 11pm
**Weekends : Strict noise curfew of 12am

Out of respect for our lovely neighbours, live music shows are only permitted on Friday & Saturday evenings

If you’d like to space reconfigured (IE have the risers taken out completely), we are happy to do so, but will charge an additional fee of $15/hr

We assume all renters will provide their own tech. If you require tech assistance, you will be charged an additional $25/hr

Due to high demand, we now require a 50% deposit at the time of booking, 25% of which is non-refundable. If you cancel your booking within 90 days of the start of the rental, you forfeit the entire 50% deposit.

(Usable) General Rental Inventory

Download The Grand Canyon Inventory List

4 – 16’x20’ Black Velour Drape (Fire Retarded) 

Lighting Console + Dimmer Packs
ETC Expression

4 – Chauvet 4 dimmepacks **only 1 channel work on one, working # of DMX channels is 13 Total

Lighting Instruments
5 – Source 4 Juniors
10 – Par Cans

Sound Console

Behringer X32 Producer – Hooked up to wifi for remote control

Stage Snake

Behringer S16 + 300ft black cat 5 cable w/ neutrik lock ends 

Amps + PA

Mains – Yorkville Elite 12
Subs – Yorkville SW800

Monitors – 4 x Yorkville NX350

Main Amps – Crown CTS 1200

Monitor Amps – Yorkville CR5 + Yorkville Audiopro 1200

Mics + Stands (Extra microphones for additional rental fees at bottom of list)
4 – shure sm58 microphones
4 – tall boom stands
2 – medium boom stands
3 – short stands

Audio Cable
4 – 10ft xlr cable
16 – 20ft xlr cable
2 – 50ft xlr cable
1 – ⅛  inch → dual ¼ inch for laptop/phone
8 – 50ft 12g Speaker Cable w/ neutrik ends
2 – 20ft ¼ inch cable
**Miscellaneous audio adapters** 

U-Ground Power Cable
12 – 25ft black 3 ended
3 – 25ft Green single ended
3 – 6 plug powerbar 

Chairs + Risers
60 chairs – backs+arm rests
11 – 4x8ft risers (generally used for audience seating but can be reconfigured)

Lobby/Entrance Appliances

1 – Full size fridge
1 – microwave oven
1 – electric kettle 


2 washrooms fully equipped with toilets, sinks and mirrors.
provided supplies of toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning sprays/soap

Entrances and Exits

Main Entrance – The corner unit of Osler and Dupont auto garage’s. The glass door right next to the big pink garage door.

This space is wheelchair accessible.

Garage Door – Available to open for load ins, pre shows (mainly summer) etc.

Fire Escapes – Our main entrance is the primary fire escape. Upstage we have a set of stairs leading to the secondary fire escape. This leads you to the bike rail path behind the theatre.

House Related Amenities

12ft A frame ladder
3 clip lights
2 Bar Tables
1 round table
Bar sink
1 large Garbage bin
1 large recycling bin
Refrigerator full size
1 love seat and 1 arm chair
Twinkle lights for lobby area
2 brooms
1 dry mop
1 wet mop and bucket
Plastic cups
Cash box
Ice trays
Modem and router (wireless internet) **Password on top of router next to sound console**
Dumpster(located in front)
Desk area (tech booth)

***Extra Gear***
***Requiring Additional Rental Fees***
**Ignore extra rental Fees on Mics if you are booking for a concert**

Audio Microphones 

3 – Shure SM58 – Included in regular rental package
2 – Sennheiser MD421
1 – EV RE20
1 – EV DS 35
2 – Beyerdynamic opus 53 pencil condenser
3 – Shure sm57
2 – Sennheiser e604
1 – Shure Beta 52 Kick mic
1 – Shure SM7B
2 – ART AR5 Ribbon Mic
1 – Neumann KMS 105
1 – Neumann TLM 103
1 – Rode NT1A


2 – whirlwind IMP Direct Box’s
1 – Radial passive direct box
1 – Stereo ART phantom powered DI

iSonic FHD1000

Projection Screen