Artists, creators, pals.

We here at Grand Canyon are teaming up with Not For Function Network to create an online channel to support and present artistic works that have been filmed this year. The idea is to showcase all walks of art, be it a music video, a short film, a cooking lesson, a skate video or whatever you dang well please. We are gearing up for VOLUME ONE on Nov 27 + 28, and it will be available, for free, on YouTube. This channel should be similar to something like a TV program, filled with different spots that will be sifted throughout the course of the event.

Wanna submit? Great! Here’s how:

Please email us at the address below, with a little bit about yourself and a link to your piece. We are dedicated to showcasing rookie and veteran artists alike, and everyone in between, and are thrilled and excited to open our virtual doors to both regular and virgin viewers and artists. Please remember that nothing is too silly, nothing is too outside the box, and nothing can be too different. This event will take special consideration to amplify the work produced by people in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities

Work can be at any stage of development and all genres of performance work are acceptable (theatre, comedy, dance, performance art, burlesque, music etc.). We welcome the weird and the whacky, the hilarious and the horrific, the conventional and the contemporary, and anything else your great minds can think of. Submission can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes in length, and should, of course, be filmed in advance.

Submission deadline for Volume One is: Nov 22 ~ please send your submissions to

Hope to see ya on the small screen!