Grand Canyon wants you to have fun making whatever it is you’re making. We aim to provide an affordable and accessible space to artists and weirdos across all mediums. We strive to create an inclusive and safe atmosphere and hope you feel at home in our home.

San Dimas High School Football rules. Must love cats & dogs.

Bri Proke

Bri Proke is an accomplished west coast film & theatre creator who currently resides in Toronto, ON. Bri has worked for a gamut of arts organizations across the country with a specific focus in Marketing and Audience Services. Some companies include Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Bard on the Beach, PuSh International Performance Arts Festival, Canadian Stage, Tarragon Theatre, Luminato Festival and Toronto Fringe Festival. Bri is the co-artistic director of Blood Pact Theatre, the director of Fools Collective Inc., and now, co-manager of Grand Canyon. Bri has worked on a variety of film projects over the years, and her first feature film Shark Week (written and directed by her, starring Bryce), is set to hit the festival circuit this upcoming season. Bri has written, directed and produced a variety of theatrical works over her past 5 years in Toronto, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Bri was one of the recent recipients of the Harold Award. 

Bryce Hodgson

Bryce is a graduate of the Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York City, co founder of the Blind Pig Theatre in Vancouver, long time member of the Godlight theatre company (NYC) and Artistic director of the Blood Pact Theatre. Bryce writes, acts, and creates music for theatre productions. Bryce also shoots pictures, makes zines and over the years has played in many different punk bands.  Theatre credits include In the Heat of the Night, Deliverance, (Godlight) Much Ado About Nothing (Unit 102), Piranha Club (Blood Pact), Kitty Kitty Kitty, Suburbia, This is our Youth, and Frankenstein (Blind Pig).

Some TV and Film credits include The Killing, Kid Cannabis, Supernatural, Farely Legal, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Falling Skies and IZombie

In 2015 he was nominated for a drama desk award for his work in Deliverance

Quinn Hoodless

Beginning his career in Toronto as an audio engineer Sebastian has worked with artists to help bring their visions to life. When he first arrived in the city, after completing Music Industry arts at Fanshawe College his focus was solely on studio music production. Although he had theatre in his blood, he never would have guessed where his path has taken him. While engineering albums such as; Sun K’s Bleeding Hearts and Nýdönsk’s Á Plánetunni Jörð, Sebastian began work as a theatre technician at Factory Theatre with a focus on sound and lighting. Maintaining hobbies of photography, experimental/folk music and pastel artwork Sebastian grew as a creator during his time there.This lead to his first foray into location recording/sound design for the film Shark Week written and directed by Bri Proke. Falling in love with the work of sound design, Sebastian is now pursuing projects in other mediums such as lighting design. Having been the technician for so many lighting designers in the past, Sebastian felt the pull to try his hand at the craft himself. The first of these projects he got his hands on being Dock Mother God Society, written and directed by Bryce Hodgson, and the second being this project. Sebastian is excited to continue honing this new craft and hopes to bring a unique creativity and meaning to the team.